SatNOGS DB API documentation

Hi all,

Is there anywhere some examples using the python library satnogsdbapiclient ?
I want to write a python script which for example extracts all the transmitters at a given frequency and modulation mode.
I have installed the library Python ( but there is no explanation. The documentation is pointed to
satnogs-db API and SDK Documentation
but the link is not valid.

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I’ve opened an issue to fix the broken link. Until then I’m attaching here an html file that you can open on your browser and see details on how to use DB API Client.

index.html (895.3 KB)


Thank a lot fredy, your are very reactive as usual. Best regards.

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I found a problem following the provided examples when I configure API key authorization with Python3 :

satnogsdbapiclient.configuration.api_key[‘Authorization’] = ‘YOUR_API_KEY’
#I replace of course YOUR_API_KEY with my API Key
return an error
AttributeError: module ‘satnogsdbapiclient.configuration’ has no attribute ‘api_key’

So I use another solution :

configuration = satnogsdbapiclient.Configuration()
configuration.api_key[‘authorization’] = ‘YOUR_API_KEY’

And it works … It can help somebody …


Hi, this was useful in solving the same problem with the network api client, thanks!

However, we are still stuck with a very basic question, which I am hoping you have solved. Using the Open API functionality, how do you pass the base url of the network (or db) server to the client?

Setting to the base url would seem to be the right answer, but it doesn’t work. How did you deal with this when accessing the DB server?