Satnogs Controller PCB version 2016

Hi everyoneI still have some PCBs that I had made in 2017, this is the OSHW 2016 Libre Space Foundation versionSince I’m having trouble repairing the new version (more than anything else I’m waiting for the components to be replaced), I would like to make a controller on this PCB 2016 that actually has even less chips than last version and may be powered at 12V.I wanted to know if someone made it for the DC MOTORS version, in the sense to work with DCmotor and encoder requires the welding of all these components here? D1, C2, C3, C4, from R1 to R9, U2, C1, while the Motor Driver MC33926 is mounted on the row of pins under the write “satnogs controller” In theory it should be like this for the DC Motor version.Thank you in advanceMassimiliano

Hey, this PCB is never released. As i remember in the firmware you must use softwareI2C for two encoders and you must change the pin mapping.

  • C3, C4 are for stepper motor VCC
  • D1, C2 are for power supply of micro controller (Arduino pro-mini)
  • R3 to R5 are I2C pull-ups
  • C1, U2, R1, R8, R9 are for RS-485 (i think is missing a pull-up in RX pin)
  • R4, R7 are for stepper motor driver A4988

Thank you very much AGIS, whenever will send me bought smd components i will try to build.

So if I don’t want use RS-485 but I want connect directly to arduino via FTDI ?



Do not populate RS-485 components and connect the USB to UART directly to arduino pro mini.

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