SatNOGS Client v1.7 is released

SatNOGS Client 1.7 is released!

Notable changes

  • New options to disable the upload of audio & waterfall files (this is useful for stations with limited bandwidth):

  • Create SatNOGS Artifacts of version 2 (if enabled). In this version more metadata is stored alongside the waterfall data namely the center frequency, TLE and station location.

The detailed list of changes for this release can be found in the 1.7 release notes.

Note that SatNOGS Client Ansible will not incorporate this release right away. Running satnogs-setup update won’t upgrade your client. There will be a separate post calling users to upgrade (with satnogs-setup) when an updated SatNOGS Client Ansible is released, in the SatNOGS Station Software Announcement thread. Nevertheless, people who feel adventurous and want to experiment with this new release can configure satnogs-setup SATNOGS_CLIENT_VERSION accordingly to make SatNOGS Client Ansible install the new version.