SatNOGS client v0.8 and gr-satnogs v1.5-1 are released!

New releases for satnogs-client and gr-satnogs.

Notable changes on satnogs-client:

  • Add new decoders for FSK and MSK
  • gitlab-ci: Add ‘deploy’ stage to upload to PyPI
  • Pass rigctl port to decoders (#319 on 0 branch)

Notable changes on gr-satnogs:

  • X3xx USRP support
  • AX.25 related flowgraphs for FSK, MSK, BPSK.
  • Complete redesign of BPSK decoding
  • The script can now report also the git hash of the gr-satnogs version.
  • Fix deprecation warning of the Boost common_factor
  • Remove of obsolete files and flowgraphs
  • Simplify LO offset correction, by using only the Rotator block instead of an NCO and a multiply block

For updating your station through ansible script (satnogs-setup) follow the instructions in this wiki page section.

Note that before running satnogs-setup you will need to update the OS and reboot as is described in the instructions.


it reset the client to default values. other than that, looks good.

Hey @bob, what do you mean by that? I just did the upgrade on a couple of my stations and any client settings remained unchanged.

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all settings in satnogs-setup were set to default.

Your API token and URL of Network too? That is not supposed to happen.

the api token and user name, lat. lon. elevation, radio type, etc. URL of network was not changed.

So what did change?

the api token and user name, lat. lon. elevation, radio type, etc

This did not happen on my station.

These values are changed only if you hit the reset option. Could this be the case?

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I’ve updated #37 in production network and #190 in dev network without any issues.

I update the RPI and Satmogs client about twice per month, unless I see an upgrade is available , then I upgrade it as soon as possible, I am very careful, but distractions etc may have caused me to click on the reset option, but do not think this is the case. The internet service is still terrible here and its possible that the download was corrupted and at this point, is probably what happened. Although I know that is almost impossible without corrupting the download to the point of failure. Thanks for the suggestions.

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Guys where can I find the client version? I’ve done the update but on network.sat… it’s shows the old version. There is no version info in the logs or if I access the client through the web (at 5000 port)… I can add a merge request to dispplay the client version in the logs, but where will I find it? (and gr-satnogs files version)?

Ok found the client version in satnogsclient/ so the only thing is the version of gr-satnogs…
And why shows I have 0.7 when in fact states it’s 0.8…

You can also wait for the first observation to be uploaded to the network. The station’s dashboard will show the new version after that.

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I still believe the local port 5000 Configuration page should also show software versions. This makes a very quick and easy check. I’ve re-opened the issue and hopefully it will be implemented.


easiest way to check this on top when you run satnogs-setup. And as @DL4PD said the version is updated on network based on your most recent observation.

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