SatNOGS client v0.7 and gr-satnogs v1.4 are released!

New releases for satnogs-client and gr-satnogs.

Notable changes on satnogs-client:

  • Change default waterfall colormap to viridis
  • Add Observation Data to Pre and Post Script Calls
  • Add support for BPSK decoder
  • Catch unexpected errors in metadata PUT request
  • Using matplotlib for creating (scaled) waterfall plots.

Notable changes on gr-satnogs:

  • AX.25 compatible BPSK decoder
  • Improve DUV sensitivity
  • Fix NOAA APT sync issues
  • Improve CW sensitivity
  • Fix bandwidth incompatibility in NOAA APT waterfall

For updating your station through ansible script (satnogs-setup) follow the instructions in this wiki page section. Note that before running satnogs-setup you will need to update the OS and reboot as is described in the instructions.