Satnogs Client v0.1

Hello SatNOGS friends!

With this post I would like to announce our initial release v0.1 for satnogs-client and provide some information of what is the client’s current status.

About v0.1

We drafted this release to keep the ball rolling after the initial client work on this branch. In v0.1 we are introducing the base class that orchestrates the signal demodulation and encoding/decoding. This class is heavily dependent on external binaries like multimon-ng, rtl_fm and oggenc. It implements the part of the client that after receiving the signal it stores the observation results using the previous tools. This has been tested and we have successfully received and stored APRS data.

Next steps

At the moment we are mostly focusing on reviewing and merging the observer branch with the work released on v0.1. After that our main goal is to implement the client’s scheduler and connect it to satnogs-network.


Anyone with some Python skills can help. From packaging and reviewing to actual code, satnogs-client definitely needs some love :slight_smile:

Feel free to reach out if you have some spare cycles.



Hi! my name si Matias LU9CBL and i saw the project searching in internet. I will try to help with coding (i have little skills in python, but i can learn). I´m will install and start seeing the code, but it´s has comment or documentation to see previosly?

Mati from Buenos Aires, Argentina (future node for the satNOGS network).

Hey @lu9cbl

Thank you for your interest to contribute to satnogs-client. Unfortunately we don’t have any documentation about the code or the architecture. At the moment, we are doing a major push with many changes about the client and we should consider spending some time on that as well. I will make sure to let everyone now about that when documentation is ready in order to help potential contributors.


Hi @nemo and thanks for the repply, i will start installing all the software to start watching the code. i hope can help the project in any way.

Thanks again.

Hey all, I’ve had the project pointed out to me and the hackspace I’m a member of are thinking about building a station.

I’m a full-time Python developer, so if I can help out here, I will do.