SatNogs client started but no new jobs being detected

Using : journalctl -f -u satnogs-client.service

I scheduled an observation and it’s showing up on my page and saying waiting for waterfall. However, running the cmd only starts the client and I get nothing after that. No one minute checks or anything. I was getting it but now I’m not. What am I doing wrong? I still have not successfully observed a sat yet so still working on my first.

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SatNOGS Network - Observation 7775398 ??

LOL Pft…no more than I posted this and the darn thing started doing it’s thing. Well now to wait for the passing and see what happens. Thanks for the reply!

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well done for getting it up and running. remember there’s about 2 minutes after each observation that the waterfall and audio is uploaded.
I suggest just massive scheduling and see that everything is working and having a go at different frequencies etc. doing this manually can be quite tedious, for this reason I suggest looking at the auto-scheduler. getting that up and running is a few steps, but you can fully schedule everything that passes overhead for the next couple of hours.
73’s de sa2kng