SatNogs Client Satellite Uplink

Hi everyone!

We (TU Vienna Space Team) are currently in the process of designing our first “from-scratch” cubesat.
While I’ve always wanted to build a satnogs groundstation in the team (and it will happen eventually! :P), we are now discussing to use the satnogs client also on our primary groundstation that we will use for communication with our sat.
As far as I’ve seen, the current satnogs client does not support any uplink/transmit capability anymore since the rewrite that happened after upsat has re-entered?

For our purposes it would be ideal to get a “live” byte-stream from the RX chain and be able to feed a byte stream to the TX chain that gets modulated and sent. That way we can interface any command & control software to satnogs via a simple tcp socket over the internet with the satnogs client doing the observation scheduling (but no complex TX scheduling or in general TX logic), antenna pointing, demodulation, channel sync and framing detection, modulation and RX/TX switching.

From what I can tell this would be a rather big change in the codebase (primarely as it requires a second gr flowgraph for modulation, the RX/TX switching logic and the live byte-stream from the decoder) which is why I wanted to ask if there are people working on something similar and/or if anyone has some input if there are better ways to do this before I start to work on it.



Hello @thechaosjack.

Indeed the current satnogs-client does not facilitate TX functionality directly. That said, for the QUBIK mission, we have created a flowgraph that does complete TRX with our satellite, and uses CCSDS TM/TC as the application layer. Here you can find the said flowgraph and soon it will be updated to fit inside the client architecture (so it can be scheduled and controlled).



Hi @pierros.

Thanks for the answer. This looks pretty much exactly like what we need (We are also using FSK/GFSK and plan on using either CCSDS or FX.25. Currently we are leaning more towards CCSDS)!
I’m looking forward to see your new implementation!
Let me know if there is anything I can help with.