Satnogs client only RTL sdr?

Hi world,
I would like configure client, but in satnogs client I can seen this is only RTL SDR.
I have personnaly two systems in my satellite station:
Conventionnal TX/RX FT847 + K3NG rotator controler connected with hamlib on GPREDICT
SDR console + Adalm pluto + Lime SDR
Can you confirm possibilty to use my systems or only rtl sdr is possible ?

Where exactly you see that? Maybe we need to fix it as satnogs-client, or better its RF part gr-soapy(SoapySDR), supports several SDR devices.

While not explicitly listed under supported devices in the wiki yet, the PlutoSDR is supported by SoapySDR and thus also by SatNOGS using the SoapyPlutoSDR driver module. Afaik it wasn’t tested yet though. In PlutoSDR support @pe2bz tried to use the PlutoSDR for SatNOGS, maybe he can give any recommendations.

edit: I just added the section PlutoSDR support in the wiki.

LimeSuite devices are supported by SoapySDR via the SoapyLMS7 wrapper, thus the LimeSDR devices are also supported by SatNOGS (but untested).

For both, Adalm Pluto and LimeSDR devices, there are no recommended settings for SatNOGS stations available yet, so to have an easier start with SatNOGS I would recommend to setup a station with rtl-sdr first, and once finished replace the rtl-sdr with a Pluto or LimeSDR.

I just found out that station 1378 - Wolbach library by @nicocarver is successfully using a LimeSDR Mini and added its settings to the wiki in section LimeSDR_support.

Thank you Kerel , I test it.