SatNOGS Client - gr-satllites integration

@fredy I will be happy to start supporting the team by having the task “create a better integration of gr-satellites”.
Can you put some more detail on this, like;

  • where to start
  • whats steps do you think might be a good solution
  • how can I test it locally

I will be happy to help and also learn details for satnogs development for future support :slight_smile:
Baris DINC

The current gr_satellites integration was done by Daniel Ekman and the repo can be found at

I am really eager to hear your ideas on what would be of ‘a better integration’, please share your thoughts.

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By better integration I mean that installation, configuration and how to use the gr-satellites package need to be integrated to the current system and not used as 3rd party software. That mean changes in ansible script that make the setup for client, changes in configuration of client and in the code of the client to use gr-satellites when gr-satnogs doesn’t work well or has limits.

There isn’t any solid plan yet, but soon there will be a meeting to discuss this among client developers. If anyone other is interested to participate in this meeting let me know with a pm here.

So, @oh2uds

I will suggest you start checking these repositories:

This kind of answered in my first paragraph, however before any meeting there isn’t any solid plan.

Either by setting up a virtual environment or using raspberry pi which will point to your forks of the above repositories, this is something that can be done in the configuration of the satnogs-client. But this phase will probably come later.


Thank @fredy for th einformation. I started reading and building my environment. And I will be happy to be on the meeting as well.

@PE0SAT Thanks for pointing that repo, I am also reading that.


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