Satnogs Client Development Setup

Hi All,

I want to do some developments to satnogs-client. I’m thinking of setting up a seperate pi that should work like my satnogs ground station, but where I can checkout the satnogs-client from git and do changes on that. I would like it to actually work and add it as a testing ground station.

What would be the best method?

Setup a ground station with the pi3 image and then somehow checkout the satnogs-client repo to have it work from that? Or do a setup from scratch on a clean pi ?

Suggestions welcome :slight_smile:

You can test your own changes in satnogs-client while using the classic raspberry pi image by setting SATNOGS_CLIENT_URL in Advanced Settings to point your own git repo. The format of the url is:


where new-decoders-0 is the branch you want to use from the linked repo.

Forgot to add that you can clone this repo
Branch 0 is the one that we use in production. Branch master is the next architecture for the client, which currently is not that far away from the one in 0 branch.

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