Satnogs client ansible

Hello all,
I set out update with Debian Buster and Satnogs Client Ansible.
I block on the line : vi production/inventory/hosts.
What to enter on this file and how ?
I have also a problem with the following line : ssh youruser@yourtargetsystem true.
What should i put on this line ?
Sorry for my questions but i am beginner on Linux.
Thank’s for your answers
F6HDW Jean Claude


the Satnogs client ansible wiki page has a section on how to install Satnogs Client on Debian. Often, users have a remote computer which will be connected to an antenna, and for this case, this computer runs Debian Buster. Tthe installation of Satnogs Client can be carried out from another computer called the host over ssh. More or less that would apply to the section explained in the wiki.

In this section, the Debian computer is called the target. It is where Satnogs-Client will be run. In the host computer, the installation uses Ansible scripts, so they need to be prepared, so vi production/inventory/hosts as explained in the wiki. The host also needs to verify that it can communicate to the remote Debian server, for that ssh youruser@yourtargetsystem true. And once that works and the the configuration is prepared, from your host computer you can command to start the installation of satnogs-client in the Debian computer: ssh -t youruser@yourtargetsystem sudo satnogs-setup. If that succeeds, you have installed satnogs-client remotely.

If you are by the Debian Buster computer, the installation of Satnogs Client would not involve ssh, and it probably would be as follows:
$ git clone # Clone SatNOGS Client Ansible repository
$ cd satnogs-client-ansible # Change to cloned repository directory
$ git checkout stable # Optionally, check out stable (Debian Buster 10) branch
$ cp -r production.dist production # Copy dist configuration
$ vi production/inventory/hosts # Update file with your own target host e.g., user and SSH password
$ ansible-playbook -i production/inventory -K local.yml # Run Ansible playbook
$ sudo satnogs-setup # Setup SatNOGS client

If these commands were correct, I think they could be added to the wiki.

Hello pleira,
thank you for your excellent and prompt response.
Now I program directly on the Raspi with the Debian buster LX terminal and everything is ok until the line:
ansible-playbook -i production/inventory -K local.yml
but the answer is :
bash: ansible-playbook: command not found
Is my hosts file correct:
ansible_user: pi
ansible_ssh_pass: bu
ansible_ssh_pipelinng: true

Best regard
F6HDW Jean Claude

Something not found, you need to install it from the repository. In this case, it is ansible:
apt install ansible

Hello Pablo,

it works now !
i can complete the Satnogs-setup.
Thank’s very much
Have a good night
F6HDW Jean Claude