Satnogs client ansible system requirements / recommendations?

With the long lasting shortage of Raspberry Pi:s, I’m looking into buying other sbc:s (for building satnogs stations). Are there any recommendations? Either for specific boards, or for specs in terms of ram and cpu. OrangePi seems reasonable priced, and several models are in stock so I am leaning towards one of their boards.

Does satnogs client support 64-bit arm? I know gnu radio does, but maybe not all the modules used by satnogs?

Slightly relevant: Other SBC than raspberry pi

Edit: looks like a possible alternative as well. The name is misleading though, the hardware is not libre.

I have been running it on lepotato, several odroids, even riscv64, all under docker thou.
It should be possible in the classic install, if it has good support for debian bullseye, then ansible should work. With docker you can run it on armbian or whatever supports docker.
arm64 should not be a problem afaict.


Excellent, thank you!