SatNOGS Autoscheduler Priority File Help


I am trying to set up a priority file on the SatNOGS Autoscheduler.

However, it seems to still be scheduling other satellites not on the list. I am just trying to do one transmitter right now.

Here is what is on the file:
98901 1.0 mPnCGXesWcB7rAYFSbSPDx

Here is what I am following (With paths filled out on my end):

0 */1 * * * <path_to_auto_scheduler>/env/bin/python <path_to_auto_scheduler>/ -s <station_id> -d 1.2 -P <path_to_priority_list>/<priority_file>.txt -f -z

Does anyone know why that may be the case?

My guess is that it is unable to read the file.
Does it warn about not finding it, as indicated here ?

It doesn’t show any warning unless I put a bad path. I put print statements to see if that function returned anything, and it actually did grab the data inside the file. I’m not sure why it doesn’t use it.

Does auto_scheduler support temporary NORAD IDs? Thought I recall trying this some time ago and it didn’t.