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I have successfully installed and configured the satnogs-auto-scheduler script with the AUTH branch so it works with the API keys.

My question is actually todo with the transmitters_910.txt file. Lets look at the ISS for example:

25544 EvtcWByczLm3LejfbGt8pS 16 57 350 FMN
25544 PjfcFc4PZ8M8n3thuyA6x9 1 40 2376 FM
25544 pQRPwTWqQr7unDav5Mz4pG 65 609 924 FM
25544 yMufCB474YJ4YRdDepfMUk 51 2989 5832 FM
25544 ZJxCeQmih9zDfYNVrB4wRN 51 4852 9429 AFSK1k2

There are several transmitters there listed for FM. How do I search/find/decode which one is for 144.8Mhz? And likewise for the Fox satellites there are two FM on different frequencies? Where can I find a list of which transmitter had is on which frequency?

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Damian - 2E0TXE
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Nevermind! Just answered my own question, found the transmitter id’s on


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what data is in the columns in the priorities_ID.txt file?
I recognize NORAD ID and mode at the end…
Is one line = one pass?
How can i set minimum elevation? Is this in awk $3 ?

Thanx, regards!

I got it, thank You…
Now is time for testing