SatNOGS at SmallSat 2022

Hi everyone!

I just got back from SmallSat 2022 where I gave a talk on SatNOGS and touched on some other LSF projects. While at the conference, I connected with CubeSat teams from around the world and spread the word about the Libre Space Foundation’s mission. There was a great deal of interest in setting up new stations, integrating upcoming satellites into SatNOGS, and in LSF’s new PocketQube/CubeSat radios: PQ9ISH and SatNOGS COMMS. To my delight, SatNOGS was already a core topic of discussion for many of the CubeSat teams who came to the conference, so it was especially great to connect with these teams and see how they were using it and how it could be improved. In fact, @fredy noted in the SatNOGS chat that 8 papers/presentations at the conference (besides ours) referenced SatNOGS. It’s pretty clear to me that we’re on an upward trajectory and growing quickly in the small satellite community!

I am looking forward to SmallSat 2023, and hope to meet some more LSF folks there.

If we met at SmallSat and you’d like to chat further, please join the chatroom or post here in the forum, or reach out to me directly (



Well done, Kevin! Thanks for all your efforts!

Scott (satcolinetl5)


What a positive, refreshing report. R