SatNOGS at FOSDEM 2017 February 4-5 at Brussels

Many members of the core SatNOGS team will be attending FOSDEM 2017 that will take place February 4th and 5th in Université libre de Bruxelles Campus du Solbosch in Brussels Belgium.

@surligas will give a presentation titled SatNOGS An SDR-based Satellite Networked Open Ground Station at Saturday the 4th of February 15:45 till 16:15

If you attend FOSDEM 2017 and want to meet people from the team and chat, get some stickers, or check out the ground station we will setup close to the the AW building don’t hesitate to leave a message.

CCing some of the attendees: @pierros @azisi @manthos @fredy @surligas @Sleepwalker13 @Acinonyx @jinxcat @comzeradd

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FOSDEM 2017 is a wrap I guess it would be a good idea to share @surligas talk.

If you haven’t done already check out the paper that goes with the talk fosdem_satnogs.pdf (138.3 KB)

A few picks from the room during the talk (courtesy of @comzeradd).

And a pic of the stand at AW building (courtesy of @pierros)

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