SatNOGS at Chaos Communication Camp 2015

Hey there,

as in last community call there was a interest to go to Chaos Communication Camp this year. We can probably use a thread for coordination.

First find: You can register a village for specific topics

I went ahead and reached out to Space Village that seems to be the most relevant we can organize under (with them basically). It would be great to cluster around it and have our own “Space” oriented space (pun!) in CCCamp!

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The folks at LeiwandVille brought amateur radio equipment and LEO satellite tracking devices at the OHM2013. I think they will be also interested.

And why not make a new village? you can ask the organization to be near common-interest villages

Just came here to say that @johngian gave an awesome talk on SatNOGS during CCCamp 2015
Available here:

or via youtube


Hey all, CCC camp 2015 was a blast!
Thanks to the Space Village that were hosting us, specifically Part Time Scientists and Raketen Club.

Here some notes about our visit:

  • After the talk many people reached out with questions mostly on how to build one and some abstract ideas about rx/tx and routing internet traffic.
  • We set up the rotator for visitors to see the mechanical parts/electronics/antennas. Unfortunately we didn’t manage to receive any signals. Instead we realized that CCC was massive with many satellite/sdr/ham enthusiasts sparse over the villages so me and @azisi decided that it makes more sense to reach out to potential contributors. Specifically Electrolab (french embassy village), OpenGarage (belgium) and HamVillage had deployed their own rotators (all commercial) with their custom setup but all of them where using DVB-T (non-modded one).
  • It was really interesting to see other setups especially those using libre software. The common issue they all had was DVB’s instability (though most of them told us that when using under shade, shielded they could maintain a stable setup).
  • All the antennas mounted on rotators had much more distance between them and a guy from OpenGarage told us that a rule of thumb is to keep ~1.5 meters distance to avoid the noise from the motors.
  • Many SDR enthusiasts asked if we are planning to distribute raw IQ data. Also an osmocom contributor suggested to help the project by porting our rtl_fm based scripts to use GNURadio instead. The idea is that there are plenty of SDRs out there and the same code will be compatible with both DVB-Ts and also other SDR devices.
  • Me an @azisi had the pleasure to watch a GnuRadio workshop showing how AWESOME GnuRadio is.

Unfortunately we didn’t manage to get the SDR badge that CCC was giving away this year because of an issue with our tickets. We hope that the next similar camp in the Netherlands in 2017 (rumors say it’s going to be named SHA) will have such awesome swag.

Overall, it was a great experience to attend CCC and I hope we have a SatNOGS village in the 2019 CCC camp.

Till then…