SatNOGS as Ground Station Provider for KiboCUBE Application

Hello everyone, I am member of a space NGO from Tunisia, and we are finalizing an application to the kiboCUBE programme for this year. The design of the CS is almost done, we are just missing the ground station part. We would like to communicate to our satellite via SatNOGS network and submit it in the application, so I would like to ask how to proceed in this?
We are basically wondering how to fill this part:

"Ground Segment [M]

([DESCRIPTION]: List of ground equipment including ground stations’ descriptions)"

Thanks in advance

Can you please share the details of your COMMS sub-system? You say the design is almost done but how can that be possible without the ground segment?

I mean the design of the cubesat itself, not the ground segment. for the comms sub-system (of the cubesat)
Processing unit: Composed of a microcontroller equipped with multiple communication interfaces(SPI, UART,…) Example: STM32f4
Tx path: The proposed RF transceiver is the lora shipset Sx127x

Hello, could you please reply to my request?

Which modulation will you be using? Keep in mind that Sx127x (and related ic) have not been developed for satellite/space communications, and are not really flexible in their operations. Please reconsider this.

You can check some open source examples here:

Ok, that’s about the sub-com in the satellite, what about the Ground Station? could we use a SatNOGS ground station without having our own one?

In order to operate another station we ask that you put a station of your own on the network.

If you plan to use the LoRa mode of the radio, no Satnogs station will be able to receive the signals. LoRa is patented and proprietary. There are some revered engieered implementations, but their legal status is troublesome and the sensitivity is not very good, so using a sdr-based receiver is not a good solution. might be more useful for you.

@zied that’s why I am suggesting you dont use LoRa and opt in for better modulations. :slight_smile:

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