Satnog rotator frame dimension

I’m about to start cutting the 2020 extrusion and build the frame for the rotator but I’m seeing several dimensions listed for the cuts. The cad files list the dimensions as 100mm and 140mm, This site lists them as 160 and 102mm. My gut says to go with the 160 & 102 dimensions but I wanted to check here first… Can anyone verify the cut dimensions for the 2020?

I am curious about sizes as well. I have yet to get going on my rotor but I found some vendors on
AliExpress that sell pre cut 2020 extrusion in various lengths. Here is he link to one of them.

They sell a lot of 4pcs 100mm for 4.08 USD
and a lot of 4pcs 150mm for 6.00 USD and free shipping.
they are precession cut and you maybe able to order custom size
once you find out the correct lengths.

Shipping time various depending on your location. I am in the USA and ordered some of each size
but think it took about 3 weeks to get them. Maybe longer these days due to the Virus. Also I believe
the 2020 channel material from Europe or China has slightly different channel dimensions than what
you would get from companies in the USA so you need to order the L Brackets for the frame to fit that


Hey! It is different versions. Here is version v3.0.1 (lengths: 160 and 102mm) and in wiki is v3.1 (lengths: 100mm and 140mm). I suggest to build v3.1. This is a nice a build, Quartapounds SatNOGS Rotator v3.1. You can also make a post in category: gallery with your build.