Satellites in amateur frequencies (proposed additions)


I propose to add to SatNOGS DB the following satellites, which transmit on amateur frequencies. Most of the are cubesats from universities or educational projects. I have added transponder information for many of them in Gpredict. Now Gpredict is going to use SatNOGS DB, so it would be good to have these satellites there. Once they are added to the DB, I can enter the transponder information for all of them.

The list is as follows (NORAD ID and name):

  • 41607 - SWAYAM
  • 41604 - BIROS
  • 41558 - NUSAT 2 (BATATA)
  • 41557 - NUSAT 1 (FRESCO)
  • 41478 - NODES2
  • 41477 - NODES1
  • 41476 - STMSAT-1
  • 41475 - CADRE
  • 41474 - MINXSS
  • 41460 - AAUSAT 4
  • 41459 - E-ST@R-II
  • 41458 - OUFTI-1
  • 40949 - GOMX 3 (this is in the DB as 40948 currently)
  • 40948 - AAUSAT-5 (this is in the DB as 40949 currently)
  • 40903 - XW-2A (remove duplicated CW beacon)
  • 40900 - NUDT-PHONESAT (remove duplicated TLM)

Thanks in advance.

Thanks @EA4GPZ for reaching out! We should add those asap.

@comzeradd can you take care of the additions (and changes?)

Thanks @EA4GPZ,

I added all the new satellites.

Regarding the duplicate transmitters (XW-2A & NUDT-PHONESAT) I let @pierros have a look, since these seems to have a minor difference on Downlinkg freq.

Thank you for the additions. I’ll go add the transponders.

In some satellites the duplicate transmitters have a slightly different frequency. On others, it is the same.

I have just added transponders for all the satellites in the list above.

By the way, I forgot the following on my list:

  • 41603 - LAPAN-A3

Please add it when possible.

Thanks. I added this one too.

The dupes are technically not dupes, they are @PE0SAT suggested frequencies, that are slightly off but don’t show in the shortened XXX.XXX MHZ format.