Satellite suggestion : SWARM constellation

Hi there, I’m really new in the community and I suggest to add the three SWARM satellites (SWARM-A, SWARM-B and SWARM-C)

Here are the NORAD IDs :
SWARM-A : 39452
SWARM-B : 39451
SWARM-C : 39453

Some links (don’t know if it’s useful ?):

I didn’t manage to find any information abour the emitter… Perhaps, could you help me on how to find this information (I really just don’t know how to search that…)

Thanks you a lot :slight_smile:

I did a quick search and couldn’t get any information about an advertised beacon or telemetry frequency :frowning:

I think we should stick on adding satellites that have public frequencies on our DB for now.

ps. Welcome to the community @donutman !