Satellite suggestion: SARAL


I would like to suggest SARAL for the db.

NORAD-ID: 39086
Transmitter: 465.9875MHz ARGOS-3
Modulation: FM

The audio-signal is decodable e.g. with MULTIPSK.

Hey @Alex ! Thanks for the suggestion. Can you point to a link specifying those (or where else did you get them?). Also can you clarify the modulation (FM you mean voice? MULTIPSK is a tool… what are the specifics of the modulation?)



here are some informations about the satellite:

It has a ARGOS-3-payload as METOP-A has.
I think, it’s BPSK-Modulation with 400Baud.

[Multipsk] ( e.g. can decode this digital mode
from the FM-demodulated signal.


I am reading about ARGOS payloads and this is really exciting!
I’ve added SARAL in our DB

As this is outside the standard frequency range for our antennas I will extend the freq range of some antennas to capture it to. Will schedule some obs and report back here. If this is successful we should add all other ARGOS-3 payloads to our DB.
Thanks @Alex !

The Argos-3 payloads are already in the DB I think.
The NOAAs, METOP-A and SARAL have Argos-3.
But only METOP-A and SARAL are active on 465.9875MHz.

The downlink protocol is described here:

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See also: Observation 201414: METOP-A (29499)

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