Satellite suggestion - Max Valier Sat

I’d like to suggest Max Valier Sat.

Norad ID 42778
CW Beacon 145.960MHz - very strong
9k6 GMSK 145.860 - TLM



Thanks for the suggestion.

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Scheduled first obs to 20:20 UTC. Pass will be good wrt. my antenna view, so we will see how strong that CW beacon is :wink:

So far not much luck:

I wonder whether anybody has info about the status and activity of the satellite?

Yeah, very interesting.
When I made the recommedation, I was hearing it very well on my AMSAT system. Seems to have gone quiet. I was monitoring the pass this morning (Australia) around 0245UTC and nothing. WIll keep listening…

Quiet tonight, nothing heard.
When I previously heard it, it was daylight hours in Australia.

Indeed, I suspect it needs daylight for that 5 watt transmitter :slight_smile:
Anyway, we can keep trying.

Looks like there was a partial capture of CW in one of the stations on network-dev

Here as well:

The VHF antenna is only 1.8m above ground, just for testing. It’ll be up on the roof soon. Should be a better signal then.

It seems that the CW beacon is not always on.
An excellent pass (65°) over Western Australia this morning, and nothing heard, even on my AMSAT system.