Satellite Suggestion: INMARSAT 4-F1

Requesting addition of satellite INMARSAT 4-F1 to the database. While the satellite is commercial in nature, it is now being used by Outernet for broadcasting in the Asia/Pacific region. Once the satellite is added to the database, I plan to add the (downlink only) frequency information for Outernet.

NORAD ID: 28628
International ID: 2005-009A (05009A)
Orbit: Geostationary



Thanks for the suggestion! Now go ahead and add frequency information :slight_smile:

I tried to add the transmitter information, but I’m receiving a message “We are sorry, but some error occurred :(”.

The frequency is in the L-band. I wonder if only VHF/UHF range is accepted? At any rate, i’m not able to add the information…

I could not replicate the error. It worked fine for me. What data are you inputting?

The db now shows “1 suggestion pending”. Maybe one of the submissions made it thru. At any rate, below is the data I’ve tried to submit:

Description: Outernet Asia/Pacific
Downlink Low: 1545.9525
Mode: BPSK
Baud Rate: 4200
Citation URL: Reverse engineering Outernet: modulation, coding and framing – Daniel Estévez

I tried the submission on my PC this time instead of my iPad. I’ve attached a screenshot of an error that occurs when I click “Send”. Perhaps there is some validation on the frequency entries that is causing the problem.

Hey! I got what is happening. Input of frequencies should happen in integer Hertz values (not in MHz) :slight_smile:

We need to fix the UI to make it more clear. Try again with Hz values.


That did it! It should be submitted now. Thanks for point out that it should be in Hz. It might be obvious to most people. But I’m in MHz land most of the time. Didn’t think to use Hz.

Now that this is done, I will look into submitting more sats and transponders for review.

Thanks again.

Already approved! Thanks for the submission!