Satellite Catalogs?

This is one of the communities that seems to include people around the world, perhaps someone could answer a question?

There are many satellite catalogs - one of the most important is, they assign satellite numbers and COSPAR identifiers. They usually get it right but mistakes happen pretty frequently. You can get current and historical information.

Then there is ISON, my second source for most orbital parameters. They prefer to deal with objects who’s “period” is over 200 minutes and their information is delayed (still by 2 weeks I think). You can get current and historical information. They do not assign satellite numbers, etc.

Of course CelesTrak - which mostly just repeats information from Space-Track but has some unique information and frequently catches’s mistakes. They do not track satellites so do not supply original orbital information from tracking data.

There here is Jonathan’s and web pages like Heaven’s Above. They have useful information but do not supply original orbital parameters.

I don’t see a Libre Space satellite catalog… There are some CubeSat sources that get orbits from telemetry tracking.

And there is SeeSat (I am a contributing member) with original orbital information but no historical data.

Then there are some “nice but what are they here for?” sites like Astriagraph. And there are commercial organizations like LeoLabs, ComSpOC, etc - they sell information.

What about sites in Japan, China, etc? Does anyone there have a web page with orbital parameters - especially if they have historical parameters?

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Hi Charles,

The satellite catalog by LSF is at , more information in the wiki entry.

And indeed some here fit orbits via radio tracking occasionally (e.g. see Soyuz-2.1a / Fregat Baikonur launch 2021-03-22T06:07 UTC - #97 by pierros), but not on an automated basis (yet).

The SatNOGS DB does stores all historic orbital data, but currently only the latest orbital data is available via the web interface & API. I hope this will change in the future.

Data Sources for Orbital Data in SatNOGS DB:

  • Celestrak/Space-Track. TLEs are fetched on a regular basis
  • additional automated TLE sources (e.g. CalPoly or AMSAT)
  • manual input by admins (e.g. from RF tracking or provided by satellite teams)

Data Sources for Satellite Telemetry in SatNOGS DB:

  • SatNOGS Network (from automated stations run by contributors)
  • directly from Contributors (via stand-alone telemetry forwarder software)

Data Sources for Metadata in SatNOGS DB:

  • The users (“moderators”). They provide satellite name, transmitter information, country of origin, operational status and more

This post only focused on the current status and I leave it to others to describe future plans around SatNOGS and Satellite Catalogs.

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