S-Band Ground Station

Hey! LSF is building a S-Band GS in Kalamata - Greece.

For these purpose a BOM is developed:

  • Rotator:
  1. SPID, type RAS/HR Azimuth & Elevation Rotor
  2. Antenna mounting bracket, SPID BR-02
  3. MD-02 Rotator Controller
  4. Power Supply Module: PS-02
  5. Additional parts like cables for motors and position sensors and connectors

Note: The rotator controller communicates with single board computer via hamlib. An issue of controller is after a few slews we are getting “PULS TIMEOUT MOTOR 2”, any thoughts?

  • RF - RX Chain
  1. LHCP/RHCP Helix dish feed, 2.1 - 2.6 GHz (100 MHz Bandwidth)

  2. Feeder Box:
    The feeder box will be placed near to the antenna feeder.

    Measurements of feeder box:

Gain: 7.85dB @ 2.2GHz, measured at the SDR port without using cable ecoflex-10 but a RF cable mini-circuits 141-10NM+. Because the gain of feeder box is low, we measure the gain of LNA only.

The Gain: 11.58dB @ 2.2GHz, which is near to the datasheet value, 12.4dB @ 2.0GHz. So the total losses of the feeder box are: 3.73dB (while the losses which are calculated from diagrams are ~1.3dΒ). Any thought?


  1. SDR side
    The SDR are placed inside to the client box.

Congrats to @pierros and @BOCTOK-1 !!!