S-band ground station testing

we will be testing our new ground station operating in S-band and X-band (Orbit Gaia 100 with 4.5m antenna) soon. Are there any satellites transmitting signals is S-band which can be decoded and verified (CCSDS or DVB-S/DVB-S2X protocols)? Thank you for any suggestions.

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Belated reply:
The ISS and Tianhe (CSS) should have reliable S-Band CCSDS signals.
any other satellites listed here such as Iceye, MetOp, Proba, KompSat, Asnaro, JPSS, SMOS, PAZ, Jason-3, Saral, MATS, Hodoyoshi, Cheops, Cassiope, GOES, Sicral, Dove-4, Hysis, WSF-M1, ASO-S, StriX, QPS-SAR, Umbra, AAC-AIS-SAT, & NeonSat-1.
Frequencies for some of these are already listed in the SatNogs DB.
And others can be found here.

Other options include:
ESA Ops-Sat

And for DVB-S:
Bluewalker 3
ISS on HamTV tests maybe be scheduled soon

See also here and here as well.

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