RS29S (Cyclops, Voenmeh) - Join the competition!

The Youth Engineering Center (Молодёжный инженерный центр) of the Baltic State Technical University “Voenmeh” (Военмех) is conducting a competition which tasks one to receive 5 questions transmitted by RS29S (Cyclops, Voenmeh) and send the answers to

Originally the competition should end on January 14th, but due to delay in sending the questions as planned, the last (5th) question is not yet sent.
So, you still be able to join the competition, get the questions and find the answers!

You may rely on Sonik (СОНИК) the Russian counterpart of SatNOGS to retrieve questions 1 through 3 from several observations.
Number 4 is still sent in GMSK 4k8 (USP FEC) and I expect no. 5 to be sent the next days.

You’ll find at least two answers on Voenmeh’s facts page.

Daniel, dl7ndr