Rpi + RTL-SDR: Different performance from one day to another

I’m testing different omnidirectional antennas with my satnogs and with all of them I noticed different performance from one day to another.
When I change the antenna, starts working fine (catching some frames) but when I’m quite happy, next day I have no frames captured… I restart the system and sometimes improves but other times not… Some days is running fine, others not so fine

Have any of you feel the same behaviour with your RTL-SDR?

It’s going me crazy

Could it be weather? We have been have a lot of rain and storms in the UK and i’ve noticed a similar thing with my system.
How much of a problem can the weather be?

Not in my case. Here weather is sunny boring… I’m missing the rain

What RTL-SDR do you have? Is it the RTL-SDR.com V3 or one of the cheaper ones? Where is it located (indoors, climate controled, outdoors in a weather-proof box, outdoors in a zip lock bag [KE8FZT style])?


Is an RTLSDR.com v3 original. I tried before with several cheaper chinese RTL and they were noisier.

Raspberry pi is Indoors but not climate controled, similar to a big weather-proof box.

RTL-SDR gets really hot, that’s why I think it could be the problem.

Thanks 73’s

EA5WA Juan Carlos