RPi + gPredict + RTL-SDR

Hi all,

I’ve been researching a bit into adding a SDR to my gPredict installation, specifically the RTL-SDR. I’ve come across SDR# (SDRSharp), but as far as I’m aware, it is a Windows based tweak, whilst the RPI is running RPi OS (Linux).

Is there a method to getting this working?

Hello, not that I’ve seen… Here is a link to the all the RTL-SDR software that you maybe able to utilize and see what works for your needs. Listed with them are the OS that’s compatible for each.


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There’s a bit of info on running gpredict and gqrx and getting frequency control from gpredict to gqrx so it tracks doppler properly.
You should get all info needed from these two:

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Thank you for all the info.
I set up GQRX, and used gPredict to control it via localhost.

Thanks for all the assistance!

Maybe this is also helpful Unix TLM decoding | Amateur Radio – PEØSAT