Rotor hardware?

Hello, I am considering building a rotor controller, with azimuth
and elevation for satellite work.

I do have a radio amateur license.

It will perhaps be built as a stationary or mobile unit, it depends on
what the home owner’s board say…

I think I will be using K3NG software.
I hope this will be implemented, as its very usable for those who run a
mobile set

I want to use:

1x Raspberry Pi 3 Model B with Raspberry Pi Touch Screen 7" as a option,
hopefully with “level compensation” as mentioned in K3NG rotor controller issue 78.

1X Differential I2C Bus Extender (PCA9615)

1X 6 meters long shielded Ethernet cable.

For powering the steppers or DC motors:

1X DC bias injector

In remote box:

All these communicates over the I2C bus:

2X PicoBorg Reverse - Dual 5A Motor Controller ( these needs
implementation of stepper motor control in K3NG, related issue is #77
on K3NG rotor controller github )

1X DC bias extractor

1x Ozzmaker BerryGPS-IMU V3 for position, azimuth and magnetic North
with tilt compensated compass.

1X Adafruit LSM6DS33 + LIS3MDL - 9 DoF IMU with Accel / Gyro / Mag for
Elevation sensing.

1X Differential I2C Bus Extender (PCA9615)

1:60 worm drives with PWM controlled DC or stepper motors. 1:60 worm
drives nodes not need any brakes.

RF chokes on every cable, multiple turns.

PCB’s for DC bias stuff:

So, Any comments or suggestions ?

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