Rotor data output and LCD/Oled

First, sorry for my poor english. My native language is French :stuck_out_tongue:

Rotor Data Output :

What is the format of serial data output for rotor ? Ive already write one for Arduino/Orbitron team. It base on EASYCOMM data ( AZ/EL ). My dish and my setup are very big and we have to use our system to drive it.

LCD/Oled Display :

We wanna add lcd or Oled display on Raspberry Pi 3 to display status ( or and next event ) it is possible ?

and … It is possible to add automatic Schedule on our station for a specific sat ( in this case , our, a Cubesat to be launch in 2020) ?

Thanks a lot.

PS : We wanne use SatNogs to follow our futur Sat by your network … :slight_smile:

From what I have figured out over the past few months is the software uses rotctl from hamlib for rotor control so if your system is already supported using that system it ‘should’ work.

And about the status I am not sure if you can. You could query the network api and see if its within the time for a scheduled sat for your station and say its doing that. That is what I am planing on doing for my station eventually.

Also as for automatic scheduling you would have to ask someone that actually works more with the project. I am just trying to be helpful by saying what I know. (Like I might be partly wrong on the first answer)

I have been experimenting with a python script to schedule observations but that is abusing end points for the UI on the scheduling page.

Hope I helped answer you some.

Hello @Nanikana and welcome to SatNOGS

SatNOGS Client (the local ground station software) commands a rotator through HAMLIB library. So EASYCOMM is supported.

Status of the rotator or the ground station itself? You can in theory easily do both (we do have endpoints on the client) but you would have to write/wire it up yourself :wink:

By that time this should be ready already :slight_smile: We are working right now on automated scheduling for stations/sats.

This is great! Consider starting a station right now. In our experience this has been heavily influential and critical for satellite designs on various teams. We are always here to help!

It would be great if we can work our a solution that is not custom and does not abuse the UI-specific endpoints. @KD9KCK can you open a comprehensive issue with your expected needs on that?

Thanks. where are the directory/script whos contain endpoint ?