Rotor and control system for M2 Leo and TS-2000X

Im looking to see if this system will work for my M2 Leo antennas and
work with my TS-2000 and all work together with Amsat software SAT32 or
other software?

What is the price?


If you have a rotator (like the G-5500) and the M2 LEO antennas then yes this would work. However it would not work with PC SAT 32 as this is a Linux based client. That said, it is designed to run on a Raspberry Pi 3 such that you could set this up to run alongside a windows box.

As for the TS-2000, we did target hardware at one time but it is limiting in the number of future modes we will be able to capture (ie: 19.2k FSK) so we have targeted SDR devices. The $20 RTLSDR works perfectly!

So, for instance, my personal setup is a G-5500, VHF and UHF antennas, with a cheap LNA at the mast and a raspberry pi and RTLSDR in the shack. Results can be seen at the bottom of SatNOGS Network - Ground Station KB9JHU Note that I just swapped antennas out for the M2 LEO pack so as of a half hour ago all future observations will be with those antennas.

Here is a very poor diagram to help visualize this:

As for cost, the software and design is free. This is an open source, open hardware, community-based project trying to automate the collection of data from satellites (such that you would not need to be at the keyboard to collect anything, our client/network model does all of the work for you… and us!)


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