Rotators not moving for scheduled observations

We have scheduled a couple of jobs on the dev instances for our station with Station ID 32.
The beaglebone is successfully able to get the jobs from the network which we have verified using the log file satnogs-stderr—supervisor-4LSmXO.log. We have also verified that the payload has been uploaded back to the network. But during the entire observation, the stepper motor does not rotate. Also, we find that the log file doesn’t show ‘rotctld’ command getting called.
But executing a ‘rotctl -m 202 -r /dev/ttyACM0 -s 9600’ on the command line results in the stepper motor being rotated successfully. This verifies that the communication between beaglebone, arduino, and the hardware drivers for the stepper motors works as required.

Request you to provide assistance on this.