Rotator v3 plastic parts - how much plastic thread do we need? (help needed)


we need to start printing the rotator parts for our proyect and in order to do that we need to know an estimate of how much 3D printer material is needed to make all the plastic parts for rotator v3.

We have to make a budget for the proyect in order for the university to buy it, so we would apreciate any quick response.

Thanks to the community

Hi the length of thread is typically stated on the slicing program of your 3d printer. I use a Prusia and their slicing program here which lists the thread length and time duration all stated in one place if that helps you :wink:

The length is dependent on your 3d printer setup and thread diameter. So it’s not a simple case of saying x meters. As you know your 3d printer and nozzle diameter, desired finish quality etc are all factors. The stl files are all available which I assume you have already. So the easiest method is to use your own slicer to give a guesstimate figure. Remember that as with any 3d printing mistakes and issues with printing happen. So budget for more than needed, as not budgeting enough then running short is gonna be hair pulling frustrating.

Hey! I agree with @kerosene98.
In the wiki recommend the slicing profiles for each part. In the BOM recommend to buy 1kg spool with ABS Filament for FDM 3D-printer. Also if you haven’t started your build, start with parts that are placed in the master branch.