Rotator v3 Encoder PCB

The new Rotator v3 design uses a rotary encoder for each axis (on the DC motor version).

@azisi designed a PCB around AS5040 magnetic rotary encoder. You can find the designs and source files at GitHub.

You can order the board directly at OSH Park.

Some prototype photos here:

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Do you guys have experience using this chip? I have assembled the rotary encoder housing and replaced the AS5601 chip with AS5040, because that’s what I have. I can read the values using this arduino library:
However if I rotate the magnet in the assembled housing, the readings just go from ~180-230 degrees.
I read the documentation back and forth, but maybe I’m missing something.
I already tried to do electronic alignment, which shows little variance in the absolute field strength(around the value of 512), which should be ok. However when I exit this mode, I still get wrong results for the measurement.
If you have some suggestions, please share it with me.