Rotator V2 Electronics Assembly


I am currently building a V2 Rotator for a university but I am currently lost in the electronics assembly, there seems to be no wiring diagrams for the components. Can someone help guide me to assembling the electronics (endstop, motors, PSU, main board)? The instructions for the rotator seem to be split on a few different sites which makes it really difficult to follow the instructions.

Thank You

Hello? Can anyone respond? I am really stuck.

Which versions of the boards are you using? (might be best to post pics of them)

Here are the pictures of the boards I am using, they were taken from the rotator controller release.

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I have 2016 pcb version and it’s different of your pictures satnogs v.1.2 pcb.
Infact i start to assembly but i have some problem because there’s no instruction about it.
can you send your v. 1.2 pcb files, i suppose it open with kicad software like the new version.

Another problem for me is Is the v 2 rotator version 54 gear ratio or 60 because with my code on arduino uno, when set to 54 gear ratio, the antenna wont track correctly, while set to 60 antenna seems track correctly