Rotator Kit available?

Hi to all, i want to know if exist any kit, for the rotator v3 (all the parts without the printed parts). I´m have several problems to get all the pieces here in Argentina, and maybe exist a kit, to request all the parts together.


There isn’t a kit at the moment. Which parts are you having trouble with? I got most of mine from eBay apart from the t-slot (which was very expensive).
One of our group made a set of PCB’s (I have used dirty pcb’s before and they are quite reliable)

Thats true it has become a lot of parts now.

All: What is your price tag for the more expensive components if you have already bought them?

If there are enough interested people I could look into organising a batch for a better price.

Things like nuts and bolts are easy to get hold of but the T-Slot was hard to find a cheap supplier. I’ve put a few bits on the wiki

Is it worth offering a basic kit of parts? Lets say 3D printed parts, PCB’s and T slot for starters?

In the bom there is a supplier called

The total price for all beams already cut to size is below 11eur. Price for corners is 50/100pc so in total can be as low total as 36 per build if you split the corners which are imho the most expensive part.

Have you found a better price for corners on alibaba? Can you order at motedis or do they not ship to you?