Rotator Id for the AMSAT LVB Tracker?

Anyone know which rotor id to pick for the LVB Tracker? I think it’s designed to emulate the Yaesu GS-232, but wanted to see if others knew.

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It is supposed to be GS-232 compatible directly so start with -m 601 in rotctld.ini, but 602 or 603 might be needed. (same deal with K3NG controllers, which is what I use on my G-5500).

There were a few kits we handed out (yourself included) who use that interface so I’ll be anxious to hear for sure, but by the book it should work with those configs.

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Ok. One other question on this… I was hoping to just plug the LVB Tracker into the RPI using the USB port. Is that known to work without additional setup?

I’ll note the default config had the 601 rotor id. I see IO Error in the rotor log file.

It should work, likely to show up as /dev/ttyACM0 but may be ttyACM1. Once you plug it in run ‘dmesg’ to see what device it showed up as, then use that as your -r argument (you may also need to adjust port speed as well if it is not 9600 baud)

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