Rotator Home how?

Query about the SatNoGS rotor, how is it brought home every time a follow-up ends?

@LW2DYB My satnogs rotator version uses the ardunio/cnc shield control, not the offical satnogs control board. It only homes when power is cycled to it. I am currently tracking well even after 2 months since the last power cycle/homing sequence and it does an average of 80 observations/day … with stepper motors.

Scott (MAUSyagi)

I say how to recalibrate before any cut or something unforeseen

You’re not the first to have this problem. You might find the solution here:

vk5qi wrote a script to run after an observation.


If you can use rotctl to park the rotor then just write a bash script and run it in the post observation in setup.

Just a note on that script, it uses port connection to the rotator, and the rotctld is already using that port if all is set up for satnogs to control it. What you should be connecting to is the rotctld itself.
rotctl -m 2 -r localhost:4533 P 0.0 90.0

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