Rotator done - eliminated Arduino



I started the project in February 2019

I had trouble with suppliers from China, and then I had a knee replacement surgery, so it took 6 months to complete. Here are two pictures of the completed rotator:

I completely eliminated the Arduino. I connected a motor hat to the Pi c/w matching stepper motors, and wrote a program for the Pi to emulate an Easycomm rotator. The rotator works fine with GPredict - I haven’t tested yet with the Satnogs Pi program.

The antenna is a 3 element yagi tuned for 137.1 MHz; so far mediocre response due to obstructed passes.


Is that a deer in the background?

Is the way the yagi is mounted affecting it’s pattern? Seems like the rotator/tripod would act as a parasitic element due to the yagi being so close.



Look close and you will see two deer fawns. The doe was hanging around, but didn’t care about the rotator.

I didn’t think that metal behind the reflector element would impact a yagi, but I’m open to suggestions.


I can only see the one, but my eyesight kept me out the cockpit, so not surprising.

Only one way to find out if it affects it or not. I used to use a tripod mounted Arrow II crossed yagi for portable sat work, and would notice some funky stuff when the 2m antenna was twisted to be vertical, and somewhat lined up with the tripod mast. It wasn’t a lot, but noticeable. You may not experience any issues at all.