Rotator cycle value change does nothing

I have raised an issue on Github but I am wondering whether it is still maintained.

Running version 2.3.37 on Windows
Whatever the value set to Cycle on the antenna control window, it polls the rotator once per second.
Plus, the values Cycle and Tolerance are reset to 1000 msec / 5.00 deg at startup, they are not stored.

Do you encounter the same?

Those values are not stored, this was never implemented!

It should, however, respect the values you enter in the dialogues…

Oh :neutral_face:

It does not, at least on my setup. Whatever the value I set, it still polls the rotator every 1000 ms.
I have built my own rotator with stepper motors contolled by an ESP8266. I can monitor the commands sent by Gpredict (every second) via the Serial port, so I can be sure that this Cycle value has no effect.