[RESOLVED] Issue with UHD finding images path - UHD package ver

This is a PSA to a known issue.

If you are using our reference RPi image (or the debian uhd package ver there is an issue with finding the directory of the UHD images to be loaded, essentially making your station non operational (empty observations).

There are two things you can do, either:

  • Not update to latest satnogs-client-ansible (and thus dont update the uhd package) and wait for the upstream or our own fix
  • Update but then run the following commands at your station:
    • sudo bash -c 'echo -e "\nUHD_IMAGES_DIR=/usr/share/uhd/images" >> /etc/default/satnogs-client'
    • sudo systemctl restart satnogs-client.service
    • Be warned the fix will need to be applied after any Update or Apply from the satnogs-client

@Acinonyx is investigating a fix , and we will keep this thread updated


Is this a new issue (like the last couple of days)? My 272 station is not uploading observations at all, even after rebooting - but it’s otherwise online. Going to try the fix now.

This doesn’t seem to affect my station 187, though.


Whelp, that seems to have fixed it. Thanks, admins!

I’ve just released a new set of uhd Debian packages which fix the root cause of this issue. No need for the workaround any more. You can now just Update and Apply.


Issue is fixed! Thank you!

73, Norbert - DL8LAQ