Request to add FengYun-1D to DB

This is a decommissioned weather satellite not too dissimilar from NOAA-9, still has an active telemetry beacon at 180.007 MHz, I personally checked on it just now and it still transmits;

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I see there is a way to suggest transmitters, documented here:

The database itself is here:

But it only appears you can suggest transmitters for existing satellites. Maybe there should be a suggestion submission queue for satellites as well as transmitters.

Indeed there is one, you need to go to satellite page and hit the edit button at the top right and then select suggest satellite. @dereksgc If you can not follow this process let me know.

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I will do that, thank you. I only saw the button with existing satellites, didn’t notice it’s there in the All satellites page

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Do I also have to add the suggested transmitters to the satellite? It only asked me to fill in the general satellite details (name/norad/country/etc) but not the transmitters.

Transmitters can be suggested when the satellite suggestion is created.


When can I see the suggestions then? After suggesting it I was just taken back to the db page as if nothing happened

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Currently the latest suggestions of satellites are visible in the homepage, under the New Satellites column. In your case it wasn’t visible because the satellite was suggested also in the past. I’ve just approved the suggestion.

Unfortunately the UI for viewing and reviewing the satellite suggestions is not complete and needs some care. Hopefully after finishing with some other development priorities it will be completed. Also there are some pending satellite and transmitter suggestions, ~100 of them, that need to be reviewed, the goal is to reach 0 pending suggestion by the end of the month.


Thank you for the answers, and for adding FY-1D. I could possibly help with the transmitter review, especially related to weather satellites. I’ve noticed the current state is a bit messy