Repositories and which files to print?

Looking at the GitLab repo, all I’m seeing is .fcstd files. The only place I’ve found .stl files seems to be by following the link to releases, which took me to GitHub, where there are zip files with the .stl files. Are these the correct .stl files to use? Or do I need to generate my own in FreeCAD from the files on GitLab?

I’ve been making STL files from FreeCAD. It is pretty easy to do. If I had to guess, the zip file you refer to might be old versions, but I don’t know that for sure.

I’ve been using the same process @ssaner has been using too, and that has worked for me so far.

My understanding is that .stl files are very roughly equivalent to object files in C, or full-blown executable files (C, Go, etc) – they’re meant to be derived from the original source code, which in this case is the .fcstd files.