Replacement for rotctld

Hi all,

i’ve a setup with an attached rotator controlled by the software pstrotator. I managed already to invoke position sets and readouts via python script.
i would like now to replace the rotctld with my custom script. therefor i ask for guidance regarding the caller stup and interfaces i should care of. my idea is that satnogs-client is calling my custom script. changing not too much i’d like to know if there is a way to invoke custom scripts. If not possible which is the correct script of calling the rotctld.

many thanks for guidance in advance,
br Robert, 73 de oe6rke

From what I understand rotctld is feed the position data over a socket. So if you run a server in python you can change the rotctld port setting to have it connect to your script instead of rotctld.

Be aware I only had this idea from my time poking around in the satnogs-client src code.