"Recent contributors" list - how determined?

I’m curious about how the “recent contributors” list in the SatNOGS DB is determined. I see stations with thousands of frames over a 24 hour period, yet our station (223) that’s full-time with yagi antennas and reports about 60 passes each day recently showed up on the contributors list with only two observations. Does this mean that most of what we’re reporting is useless? How do the high-count stations do so? Thanks.

The list is populated by the frames that are uploaded from each station (either a SatNOGS one or an external one that pushes frames in SatNOGS DB).

Currently in Network due to many false positives we have disabled sending data coming from observation with CW mode. Also we don’t send data that are images (APT and other modes). Having said that, for your station the last 24h these are the observations with data, from them Network has sent data (two frames) to DB for only one observation (3709005 FOX-1C with DUV 200 Mode), as the other are either CW or APT.

Ahh - and apparently they need to be vetted too, since we had many more observations that weren’t vetted on that date. I see that you used the “with data” filter that I’ll have to use to examine our data. But are the unvetted observations useful? With this volume of traffic I’m not sure sure that we can get someone to vet all of the observations each day.

Thanks for your response.

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About vetting check this post. Just to be clear, vetting has nothing to do with the data that are pushed to DB.

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