Receiving CubeSats


I’m looking to receive beacons from several cubesats including AIST and AAUSAT. I’m using an Airspy Mini SDR with a Yagi UHF/VHF satellite. I can successfully receive from NOAA weather satellites but I can’t seem to receive data from cubesats in the UHF band. I’m currently using SDRSharp. I’m wondering if anyone has any pointers regarding this.


What antenna, feedline, pre-amps (if any) are you using?


Using this antenna .
Currently not using an amp. Do I need to use one?
I have this .

That’s a directional antenna, so unless the satellites are within the narrow beamwidth, you probably won’t get good observations (unless, of course, you are manually tracking the satellites and/or using an Az-El rotator). Are you using a diplexor between the 2m and 70cm antenna (and SDR), or are you manually switching the feedline for the respective passes?


I’ve currently been manually tracking the passes. I am also not using a diplexor.

so you are just switching feedlines from 2m to 70cm depending on passes? It could be that since you are using an Arrow, you may not be getting lucky as far as matching polarization of the satellites. You also may simply just not be pointing the antenna in the right direction.

Which satellites are you trying to hear on 70cm?


Right now I’m basically just trying to get signal from any of them. Some of the ones I’m trying to receive one are the following

I can’t find any good observations for AIST, and only a couple for TISAT. AAUSAT-4 looks like you should have some decent luck, but honestly I would suggest looking for other UHF sats that are more reliable and constant. Where are you located? If you are in North America, I would recommend listening for AO-27, SO-50, or RS-44 (DOSAAF-85). They are very active and reliable.