Reccomend me a supplier

Morning all,

I want to build a ground station, but I do not have access to a 3D printer. Can anyone recommend a supplier to me? (preferably in Europe)



I don’t know your exact location, but have you considered getting in touch with some local hackerspace?

I’m in London (UK). I was ideally after a supplier which has already been used to print the parts, as I know not all 3D printers are equal, and may struggle with the worm drive (for example).

Construction of the project looks pretty straightforward, but sourcing all the parts seems like it’s the most difficult thing… (I may change my mind of course after I begin construction!)

Hi @M3YOO,

Here’s a list of maker/hacker spaces in the UK:

Many of them will have 3D printer if you want to try it yourself, and if not, they should all be able to point you toward someone that you can pay to print the parts.

These guys are in London: and so is . Both do print-on-demand/ print-for-hire.

White Cloud is my local “3D-Printer-For-Hire,” ( ), and I used them a few times before I got my MakerBot, but they’re here in Utah, and you’ll likely get better overall pricing from a local.